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Deep Survey Georadar


Python-3 is a portable digital wireless ground penetrating radar carried by a single operator, especially used for deep survey (up to 50 meters in favorable ground). Georadar consists of central segment (100 MHz operating frequency) and 4 additional antenna plates to change operating frequency to 50/38/25 MHz.

Multichannel Digital Seismic DAS SoilSpy Rosina

SoilSpy Rosina is the MoHo’s multichannel digital system for active and passive seismic surveys. A number of unique features make it a very special seismograph. The signal is amplified and digitized where it is produced and not at the end of long cables: this ensures better recording quality and, allied to a lightweight system, forms a novel approach appreciated by geophysicists. SoilSpy does not require external batteries and can record the signals with no time limits, which extends its applications well beyond seismic methods.

Resistivity Meter Electra

Electra is composed of a central unit (2 kg, rechargeable battery included) to be connected to any PC and of a very light cable along which the small moduli to be connected to the electrodes are attached. Each module has the double function of injecting current in the subsoil and of receiving the signal, by amplifying
and digitizing it directly at the source (the electrodes). The signal
is then transmitted to the central unit in a digital form through the very simple, light and high performing main cable, which prevents any cross-talk and signal degradation phenomenon.


TROMINO All-in-one instrument for dynamic characterization of soil, structures and more 

TROMINO® has a variety of applications in engineering geology and seismic engineering, both in single station and network configuration. A few examples:

  • seismic site effect assessment and seismic microzonation

  • passive seismic stratigraphy

  • Vs30/VsH estimation from constrained H/V curve fit

  • active and passive seismic arrays (MASW, ReMi, ESAC, FTAN), P and S wave refraction (requires radio or GPS synchronization or the wireless trigger)

  • modal analysis of structures (single station or synchronized multistationapproach

  • vibration monitoring

DMT CoreScan 3 - High Tech Core Logging System

The DMT CoreScan system is a high-tech core logging system, which enables scanning of drill core, the creation of a digital drill core library (drill core data management) and qualitative and quantitative structural analysis using high-quality images. The system comprises the drill core scanner DMT CoreScan 3, the UV fluorescence imaging device DMT CoreScan UV, as well as the analyzing software and database DMT CoreBase 2.

The DMT CoreScan generates high-resolution, full circumference images of drill core samples. Furthermore, drill core or even an entire core box can be scanned in the plane mode resulting in a detailed overview image. It produces optical images in true color with a resolution of up to 10 pixel/mm (254 dpi), details up to 40 pixel/mm (1016 dpi).

The configuration of the portable stand alone devices is designed for rough environments and is extremely user-friendly to handle.

Proton Precission Magnetometer EREV1+

EREV-1+ is a new generation proton magnetometer developed and manufactured by Crystal Globe. It uses the latest technologies to achieve low noise and high precision data acquisition. It offers many flexible and advanced features not available in older products. It is used in many applications, such as magnetic field mapping, magnetic basement and structure detection, engineering and environmental, mineral exploration, earthquake and volcano precursor observation, etc.

Feature highlights

1.Highest precision and lowest noise level in the industry

2.High sampling rate

3.GPS based synchronization between                   

stations to accurately remove diurnal variation

4.Unique synchronous sampling scheme

to improve the data accuracy and processing result

5.Ruggedized design with light weight for

harsh operation environment

6.High capacity Lithium-Ion battery for long operation

7.Ethernet port for longer term monitoring



Our company, PT. Anugrah Multi Instrument (AMI) is a young, full energy company engaged in providing geophysical equipment, leasing equipment, repairing and supplying spare parts for geophysical exploration equipments .

PT. AMI is specializes in supplying full range instruments and software for Geophysics, Geology, Environmental and Geotechnical Monitoring, Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Controls such as Resistivity & IP Meter, Seismograph, Magnetometer, Gravitymeter, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), EM Sounding and profiling instruments. We are able to offer guidance in planning and implementing a geophysical survey, as well as resolving technical queries regarding instrumentation design or how to adapt a system to meet a particular application.



Deep Survey Georadar


Multichannel Seismic System


Multichannel Resistivity Meter


Drone Magnetometer








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